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Lakota Academy is giving a chance to explore beyond the horizon with A-plus Academics.
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  • Lakota is the amalgam of academics and tradition. Our idea is to help children understand their ethical and moral values besides education. Our most experienced staff discover new ways and techniques to raise a child. Our faith is not only to educate a child but also to strengthen them mentally.
  • We proudly represent the Lakota People as a Tech family offering activities to improve technical and professional skills. 
  • In our views, giving a disciplined culture lets the child feel comfortable and adapt corporate environment quite often.
  • Something that will be always under the eye of the Lakota staff is children's participation in competitive exams. The mission behind the exams is to upgrade the knowledge and increase bars of self- confidence.
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  • We not only serve delight experience of learning to the children but also focus on staff training. Faculty of Lakota Tech School explore new teaching hacks and find new engaging ways to build a connection with the students.
  • We promise a good and healthy working environment for our teachers and ensure to offer an equal opportunity.
 Business Academy
  • Let students execute the business idea and evolve to know deep-down insights.
  • Support them in implementing the visual and global strategy to see a maximum boost in business.
  • Full-fill their dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • Allow them to practice finance tools and software used by successful professionals
  • Guide them to tackle business-related real problems with their own thoughts and strategies.
 Stem Academy
  • At Lakota, teachers educate in a way to match the pace of growing technology
  • Students learn to resolve real-life issues with your improvised knowledge automation.
  • Raise skills of key coding and computer to create robotics and aviation technology
  • Create computer, robotic tools and drones with the help of electronic equipment.
  • We believe in training children practically by helping to solve future difficulties.
 Industrial Arts 
  • Lakota Tech high school believe in the glory of art and passion.
  • We create a real-world setting in the classroom to educate children via practical situations.
  • Give free hands to children for operating technology used by professionals for repairing projects.
  • Our pattern of academics allows children to equally indulge in extra-circular activities of sports, events and team games.
  • The creation of design and projects with the support of machinery tools help them learn practically. 
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Lakota Tech High School is the first Career Technical Education (CTE) high School on a Native American Reservation in the United States
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Mission Statement: To Strengthen the Lakota Identity and Values of Students and to Assure Their Overall Well-Being and Academic Success. 
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Stephanie Eisenmenger
Lakota Tech High School Principal
Oglala Lakota County School District
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